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All Flags of the World

Submitted by on November 25, 2011 – 12:1332 Comments

This time we have decided to create a very special “All Flags of the World” poster. Every flag is annotated with country name, it’s 2-letters abbreviation, capital, population and area. The poster is available in 18.9 Megapixel resolution middle and high quality (FREE DOWNLOAD!). If you want to print the poster on A0, 75.5 Megapixel original is available for $10. You can buy the poster by pressing PayPal button below. A quick preview is available here.

We have also compiled four additional tables with  “Top 10 Biggest Countries”, “Top 10 Most Populated Countries”, “Top 10 Smallest Countries”, and “Most Densely Populated Countries”. Let us know what you think. Leave your comments.

Normal Resolution  High Resolution

Buy ultra-high resolution 75.5 Megapixel “All Flag of the World” poster quality file for $10:

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  • Rachael M says:

    This is very cool. My little kid LOVES the flags of the world. However, we didn’t see Kosovo on this. He also thinks it would be good if you would add South Sudan! 🙂

  • prav says:

    Just paid for the 75.5 megapixel, hope to receive it soon.

  • Dalx says:

    Hi Prav,

    Thank you for the purchase! Please allow 24 hours for the Flag Poster to be delivered. Please make sure your mailbox can accept and accommodate additional 16Mb.


  • Natasha says:

    You Forgot Liechtenstein

  • Dirk says:

    The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta (and not Budapest, which is mentioned).

    Greetings from Belgium.

  • Martin says:

    Better carefully check your capitals. Capital of Indonesia is NOT Budapest.

  • ricky says:

    In your lists of most populated countries and biggest countries you list China with the code “CH” which is for Switzerland. China should be “CN”…

  • Adam says:

    The Capital of Gu/Guam is not Guatemala city, but “Hagåtña” / “Agana” in English. Also Indonesia is not correct as mentioned before. And Kosovo is missing. Can’t wait to supervise and correct all the mistakes and have an updated version of this, by the way fantastic and thorough work. >) keep up the good work, and we wait for updates >)

  • SSZORIN says:

    Where is the flag of the Palestine ? Any Jews in your outfit ?

  • Tor arne says:

    I can not seem to find Libyas flag here.
    Regards from Norway.

  • Tor arne says:

    Oh… There it was. I thought Libyas flag was all green?

  • Dalx says:

    This the flag of Libya, since 2011 – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Libya

  • Margret says:

    Ricky ( entry 5.March 2013 ) is correct.

    CH stands for Switzerland. ( And not China ).

    It represents he historic name of ‘Coenfederatio Helvetica'(CH).

    It is still in use.Eg. Car registration numberplates are from the Kanton ( of Switzerland ), where the car is registered, but will also include the CH, for identification.
    Postal services etc. also use it.

  • shift says:

    Greetings, Mongolia’s capital is Ulan Bator but awesomely comprehensive list of countries. You did a great job compiling this!

  • RubiconIII says:

    Why are Albania and Nepal at the bottom after the statistics?

  • Dalx says:

    It was added afterwards, based on received comments.

  • Adrianos says:

    You forgot the flag of the European Union! Please add it! Unlike other unions that are not countries, EU has a Parliament, a free travel policy and many other characteristics that make it qualify more or less as a country.

  • Fred says:

    Åland is missing. It’s an autonomous region, just like Isle of man or Greenland. Capital: Mariehamn. Add it and I’ll buy your poster. Google it!

  • heather says:

    Where is Kosovo?????

  • Emma says:


    You forgot the Welsh flag, the best one of all!


  • Drawnex says:

    I don’t know if it is just the preview, but for the high quality picture, Budapest is listed as the capital of Indonesia instead of Jakarta… Budapest is Hungary’s capital which is the flag preceding Indonesia.

  • ED says:

    The international code name for Costa Rica is CRC as seen in the Olympics(summer) Football World Cup(yeah! the real one played and sanction since 1850’s), United Nations, etc.

  • ED says:

    Finish the official name: you can omit (The) Dominican Republic

  • Paul says:


  • Milenko says:

    I did not see Serbian flag?

  • drookman says:

    the capital of israel is TELAVIV not JERUSALEM.

  • Tobias says:

    I would like to purchase the high res flag file but can’t find the paypal button. Where do i purchase

  • Yasmina says:

    Palestine is not the Gaza Strip for one, and for two, Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine or at least Jerusalem Est. This poster is a travesty.

  • Ben says:

    Obviously this document has been created by an American with very little knowledge of the world outside the 51 states of the country that they live in.

    England, N.Ireland, Scotland and Wales don’t deserve a mention?

  • Ipunk says:

    the capital of Indonesia is JAKARTA not Budapest (India).

  • Andrea says:

    Cocos (Keeling) Islands has a different flag, in the poster you used the Australian.

  • SPK says:

    No Scottish flag?

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