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All Flags of the World

Submitted by on November 25, 2011 – 12:1332 Comments

This time we have decided to create a very special “All Flags of the World” poster. Every flag is annotated with country name, it’s 2-letters abbreviation, capital, population and area. The poster is available in 18.9 Megapixel resolution middle and high quality (FREE DOWNLOAD!). If you want to print the poster on A0, 75.5 Megapixel original is available for $10. You can buy the poster by pressing PayPal button below. A quick preview is available here.

We have also compiled four additional tables with  “Top 10 Biggest Countries”, “Top 10 Most Populated Countries”, “Top 10 Smallest Countries”, and “Most Densely Populated Countries”. Let us know what you think. Leave your comments.

Normal Resolution  High Resolution

Buy ultra-high resolution 75.5 Megapixel “All Flag of the World” poster quality file for $10:

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